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Home Loans


3 Bedrooms Flat Area in Sq.Ft.
1647 Sq.Ft.
  Ground Floor

Rs. 3788000/-

  1st Floor
Rs. 3721000/-
  2nd Floor
Rs. 3673000/-
  3rd Floor
Rs. 3629000/-
  4th Floor
Rs. 3581000/-
  5th Floor
Rs. 3513000/-
  Preferential Location   Charges (PLC)**
Rs. 1,00,000/-
  Car Parking Charges   (Covered)**

1.   At the time of applying for booking : Rs.1,00,000/-
2.   Within 10 days of acceptance of booking : 10% of BSP (inclusive Booking Amount)
3.   Within 45 days from date of application : 10% of BSP + PLC
4.   On casting of stilt roof slab of tower in which
Apartment is booked :
10% of BSP
5.   On casting of ground floor roof slab of tower in
which Aparment is booked :
7.5% of BSP
6.   On casting of 2nd floor roof slab of tower in which
Apartment is booked
7.5% of BSP
7.   On casting of 4th floor roof slab of tower in which
Aparment is booked
7.5% of BSP
8.   On casting of 6th floor roof slab of tower : 7.5% of BSP
9.   On completion of brick work within Apartment 7.5% of BSP
10. On completion of plumbing (G1/C1) work within
Apartment :
7.5% of BSP
11. On completion of electrification work within Apartment : 7.5% of BSP
12. On completion of internal plaster work, flooring within Apartment 7.5% of BSP
13. On completion of all services within Apartment : 5% of BSP + IBMS + Car Parking
14. On Possession 5% of BSP

  Note :

This installment are the subsequent installment(s) in the above install plan shall become payable on demand irrespective of the serial order in which they are listed above.
Price indicated above are subject to revision at the discretion of the company. Price ruling on the date of booking and acceptance by the company shall be applicable.
Apartment would be provided with a power back up of 5.0 KW approx. If additional Load is required, it will be charged for @ Rs. 12000/- per KW approx.
Interest Bearing maintenance security shall be payable extra at he time of notice for possession. Interest bearing Maintenance Security (IBMS)@ Rs. 30/- per sq. ft. will be payable by the allottee. The interest amount will be kept for the capital replacement of utility services equipment and the security is refundable and transferable. Simple Bank Interest is payable on security.
The above price is inclusive of External Development Charges (EDC), pro-rated per apartment as applicable to this Group Housing Site. In case of any upward revision thereof by the government agencies in future the same would be covered on pro-rata basis.
The company would pay penalty to its customer @ Rs.5/- per sq. ft. per month for any handling over the flat beyond the committed period of 27 months from the date of allotment. Similarly the flat owner would be liable to pay the holding charges @ Rs.5/- per sq. ft. if he fails to take possession with in 30 days from the flat of issue of letter of possession.
Cost of the stamp duty and registration fee/ documentation charges etc. as applicable shall be extra and shall be borne by the intending allottee(s) on actuals.
Variety of housing Loans are tenures of 15-20 years repayment available directly from HDFC, ICICI, FEDDERAL Banks, any other Bank.
Pay order /draft to be issued in favour of M/s U.B. constructions Pvt. Limited, payable at Chandigarh
  **These prices are additional to BSP